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Cabling Beer
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
JJ-Lapp Cable Philippines (JJLP) recently clinched a deal to supply ÖLFLEX Classic 110 power & control cables to a San Miguel packaging plant in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.
San Miguel Brewery Inc. is the largest beer producer in the Philippines. The company has five breweries located across the country and a highly developed distribution system serving approximately 471,000 retail outlets.
As Lapp is San Miguel’s preferred cable supplier and JJLP has been serving the customer since 2008, San Miguel has chosen Lapp’s ÖLFLEX cables for the re-wiring of its packaging plant with four production lines. The cables will completely replace the worn-out equipment in the machines. One of San Miguel’s objectives is to automate the whole packaging line to increase production capacity.
“We are glad and proud to work with Philippines’ largest beer producer. This definitely adds to our track record and we are looking forward to a positive and long-term partnership,” says Reynante H. Latorre, Sales Engineer at JJLP.
- By Aldrich Agnes, Philippines

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