Meet a Need at Mantanani Island 2012

18 volunteers from across the Group headed to the secluded island of Mantanani, Sabah, to solve one problem: creating a sustainable drinking water supply.  The island's ground water supply is under pressure from an increasing tourist population, the growth of septic tank usage and significant population of cows.  The island's environment faces the risk of salt water making its way into the ground water supply, with devastating cosequences for the human, animal and plant population.  The islanders already face the risk of disease from contamination by sewage and animal waste and in the future - the possibility there is no drinkable water on the island.
With low levels of education and low wages, the islanders have struggled to solve these problems.  Ecoknights, a Malaysian charity working to promote sustainability, identified Manatanani as a place that needed help. Working with local partner Blue Life Econservices they provided the opportunity for Jebsen & Jessen to Meet a Need.
Our volunteers spent seven days working hard and getting to know their homestay families. The most ambitious Meet a Need project to date, the team worked tirelessly to pull off the impossible.- a fully constructed water station in less than one week. "What really touched my heart was the level of comitment and hard work that all volunteers invested in this project," said Miss Anthea Ho, Senior Corporate Communications Executive. Once again Meet a Need showed us the bst in our people; their will to get things done, their generosity and their good natured openness to the latest challenge.

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Meet a Need at Mantanani Island  - Dec 2012

Volunteers helped the islanders of Manatani, Sabah to solve one problem: creating a sustanable drinking water supply ► Read more
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What it means to me

Meet a Need is an experience of a lifetime, changing the way staff think and feel about their community and their fellow colleagues. We asked participants to share their most memorable moments; the people they met, what they learned, how the trip changed them and what it was like to work for a greater good.  Read more