Nutrition Centre for Rural Philippine Community

The team from across the Group helped build a nutrition centre, which will enable the community in rural Bohol tackle the problem of malnutrition, especially amongst children.
The team of thirteen, plus Natasha, Corporate Comms, and Amelia, from our charity partner World Vision, spent the week in Bohol, Philippines. Together we worked side by side with a team of professional construction workers, helping build a new nutrition centre. We carried bricks and cement, built walls and enjoyed lots of laughter, on the site and off.

Making a difference to children’s health

The centre we helped build will provide nutrition and hygiene learning to the local community. Malnutrition causes children to grow below the rate of a healthy child, the lack of the vitamins and minerals that children need causes health problems and illness. Alongside education, housing and water projects run by the community, the nutrition centre is helping give people what they need to move themselves out of poverty.

On the site, and on the dance floor

The team over came language barriers, working together and laughing lots! The positive, humourous and joyful attitude of our hosts was matched by everyone. Some participants came as the only representative from their country, initially nervous they went on to find kinship with people from many other countries.
Famous for their love of music, we joined our Filipina hosts in plenty of singing and dancing: during the rain, in the restaurant, on the bus, at the village welcome, at the last night’s cultural performance and even on a boat! Colleagues shared song, dance and fashion from their home countries at the cultural night – including a song and dance from the unlikely duo of Ken, from Taiwan, and Pari from India (working in Singapore).
The most important moments...
Many colleagues were overwhelmed at the welcome from the Magsaysay committee. We went to revisit the school that our 2009 Meet a Need team renovated. We were greeted like royalty! The children had made flags for each of our home countries and put on a stunning performance of song and dance. The older women taught us their traditional dances, the children entertained us and then we were asked to dance for them! A raw, but memorable and very funny performance of Gangham Style ensued.
A week of work, a lifetime of memories
We finished our time on the worksite on Friday, said thank you and goodbye to our construction colleagues. Proud of the walls that had gone up in the few days we’d been there, we can’t wait to see the finished building – due to be completed in August.
More than the work, the food, the music – the memory we’ll carry will be of a warm, willing team who came together to share and support one another like brothers and sisters.
View some of the photos. We’ll be sharing the full album from the group photographer Khoa in the coming weeks.
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