Jenny Yam

Company: Central Services Unit, Jebsen & Jessen (SEA)
Designation: Senior Manager – Corporate Finance
Date joined: 1974
Outside work I enjoy: watching documentaries about other countries and about how people live, travelling, reading and meeting people.
What do you do and what do you enjoy most about your job?
I’m the custodian of the Group’s reporting structures, profit centers, chart of accounts and any global financial settings in SAP. I consolidate the monthly performance results, work on financial data analysis and compilation. I enjoy helping resolve day-to-day queries arising with SAP and the opportunity to work with staff at all levels across the entire organisation.

What is your experience of Jebsen & Jessen as an employer?

I have seen how the Group has developed over all these years and I’ve worked alongside many long serving staff. I feel like part of one big happy family. I enjoy keeping informed about what’s happening in the Group via MORUS, the Group’s intranet.
The company believes in investing in their staff, with constant upgrading so that the technology and skill set learnt can be current and applicable to their job. The Group is also willing to invest in the latest technology available, increasing efficiency and productivity.

What did you learn and how did you develop since you joined the company?

My 36 years in Finance have been very interesting! I’ve watched the technology change over the years from the NCR accounting machines and manual ledger posting, to a NCR mainframe system, then to mini ERP system (MINX) and finally to SAP. I’m proud to be one of the contributors to these development and that I was given the opportunity to learn and progress with these changes so as to deliver my job responsibilities effectively.
For those who want to grab them, the Group offer their employees the chances to grow with the company.

Where do see yourself in five years from now?

I hope to be able to continue providing guidance wherever I’m needed within the Group.