Wannisa Kaewchana

Company: MHE-Demag, Thailand
Designation: Inventory & Warehouse Coordinator
Date joined: 2006
Outside work I enjoy: reading, watching movies and surfing the net.
What do you do and what do you enjoy most about your job?
My job includes administrative matters, working on delivery notes and everything related to inventory and warehousing. I like my job role, get along well with my boss and my colleagues. I really enjoy spending time at the workplace and being part of my team.


What is your experience of Jebsen & Jessen as an employer?

It is a good company that provides you with job security and fair benefits. I’ve seen it from my father, Mr Wik Kaewchana, a service technician who has worked for MHE-Demag in Thailand since 1983 and received his 25-year service award in 2008. He’s been well treated by the company and my experience is the same. My father first introduced me to the company, I was granted an internship and later became a permanent member of staff.


What did you learn and how did you develop since you joined the company?

The company has given me a lot of learning opportunities. Each year there are internal training courses organised to improve your technical skills with our IT system. I was also trained to become a First Aider and received English classes.

Where do see yourself in five years?

I see myself working for the same company and hopefully being able to play a bigger role. I’d like to be supervisor or manager and perhaps one day move into sales.