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Meet a Need: A Life-Changing Journey
Friday, June 27, 2014

Front row (from left): Taratip (TH),Samson (ID), Fangxi (SG), Pangihutan (ID), Teik Pin (MY), Lydia (MY), Bernadette (SG), Tra My (TH), Randy (PH), Tun Min (MM). Back row: Jainul (ID), Natasha (SG), Eka (ID) and Nine (ID).

Bringing People Together

A diverse team of 14 staff from across the Group brought a kernel of hope to the community in Kirivong, Cambodia. The team’s eyes and minds were opened as they helped construct new, decent houses for deprived families. These more hygienic and safer houses enable parents to protect their children’s health and reduce the spread of contagious diseases; ensuring children can continue their education and move themselves and their families up in the world.
World Vision International (WVI) is one of our charity partners for the Group-wide CSR programme: Meet a Need. They manage a long-term project in Kirivong where they work on three levels. First, the basic health needs of people are addressed, because sick people cannot work. The second level is called ‘viable livelihoods’. And thirdly, education becomes the main focus - in order to end the cycle of poverty.

The Impact We Take Home

We are pleased to present some inspiring stories of change from our Meet a Need volunteers, shining a light on the impact it has had on their own lives.
“On the first day as a volunteer in Cambodia, I felt that skilled villagers could finish their construction work quicker without us. However, I changed my mind on the third day when I saw the great happiness from the homeowners, especially the little girls and the elders through their big smiles. It made me realise that our small contributions did not only give people shelter but also hope. Our presence also helped the locals and children see that they are not alone. My lesson from this trip is “that one small act can have an enormous impact on other people’s lives.”
~Tra My Do, Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals, Vietnam.
“When I saw  the homeowner take in the area around her new  house with a big smile on her face, I felt that the trip was really worthwhile. Also, when I saw  our gloves hanging on the window sills, washed clean by the homeowner, it really touched my heart because the gloves represented our hard work and the appreciation and gratitude of the homeowner.”
~ Bernadette Lim, Jebsen & Jessen Communications, Singapore.