What it Means to Me

Since we launched our Meet a Need programme in 2007, more than 200 staff members have participated. For many, it was an experience of a lifetime.
In this section, several individuals share their most memorable moments: whom they met, what they learned, how the trip changed them and what it was like to work for a greater good. Read for yourself from the stories below:

Meet a Need trip to Ulu Muda Forest, Malaysia   
"I never imagine and aware that there is still a place where animals like elephants, Tapir and many more can roam freely in a natural habitat. I am really proud and honoured to have this unique opportunity to not only visit but contribute my little effort in conserving this beautiful hidden realm of Ulu Muda Forest in Malaysia."
Meet a Need trip to Hang Lia, Vietnam  
"Being part of the “Meet A Need” team broadens my mind and heart, I make new friends and I learned new skill, but most importantly I am grateful for the opportunity to directly touch and make a difference to the lives within our own region, it really is a special and once in a lifetime experience."
Meet a Need trip to Bohol, Philippines  
“Before I went on the trip, I sometimes thought I wasn’t that fortunate and I was unsatisfied about this or that, but I realised there are very different realities. I’ve learned to appreciate every little thing and I will always be thankful to God for giving me what I have now.”