40 years of evolving to meet the region’s changing packaging needs. We’ve developed deep expertise in solving our customers’ problems with innovative solutions from award winning component packaging to EPS foam for construction.
  • Award-winning packaging design services.
  • Five ISO & OHSAS certified manufacturing facilities.
  • Global brands as loyal customers for over 30 years.
  • Leading innovative application of EPS in construction.

Award-winning, efficient packaging and foam solutions

We design and manufacture a wide range of total packaging solutions and innovative foam products. We provide global brand leaders with solutions for a variety of applications. Our foam components are used in manufacturing and our EPS foam in construction and landscaping.

Protective, effective packaging

We develop specific solutions to suit our customers’ needs, working with a range of materials including: foam, PP Danpla, paper pulp, wood and PET. We are recognised by industry and customer awards for our innovative approach to design. Our brand Labplas leads the regional market for PET bottles, jars caps and closure, with a reputation for meeting the high standards required for F&B, Pharma and Home Care applications. Across the region and beyond, our customers value our track record for just-in-time delivery and our commitment to low impact solutions using recyclable materials and CFC free foam.

Innovative foam solutions for manufacturing & construction

Building on a foundation in foam moulding, we developed foam component solutions for a variety of non-packaging applications including: air-conditioners, crash helmets, medical devices and car manufacturing. Our EPS Geofoam is manufactured from expanded polystyrene into large lightweight blocks used in diverse and creative construction and landscaping applications from roads to stadium seating, green wall systems and aquarium landscaping.
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