Our Regional Business Units operate autonomously and are unified by established corporate standards with our Executive Board providing a strategic framework.

The Group is supported by:

  • Country-based Business Services Units, providing practical back-office services;
  • Regionally deployed Central Services Unit, ensuring compliance, risk management and prudence;
  • Regional IT shared services unit, managing our IT infrastructure.
Together our Central and Business Services Units support the regional framework that enables our businesses to thrive. Providing functional, strategic and infrastructure support they enable our Regional Business Units to focus their attention on serving customers.

An infrastructure that ensures compliance

Our Central Services Unit creates a framework for compliance across the Group; ensuring risk management is effective and fulfilling our corporate commitment to prudence. The services provided include legal affairs, human resource management, audit and taxation, finance and performance.

Enabling group-wide operational efficiency

Our Business Services Units provide back-office services to the whole of the Group. Spanning the region, they carry out finance, accounting, commercial affairs, credit management and human resource administrative functions for the Group.

Firmly underpinned by sophisticated infrastructure

Our regional network operates across a state-of-the-art IT platform served by SAP, IP telephony and Lotus Notes. The Business Services Units use the platform to carry out transactional and collaborative tasks. For Central and Business Services Units IT provides a means to effective communication. The efficiency of the network enables the Group to function smoothly and in turn passes on time and cost savings to customers.

Addressing needs strategically

Viewing the Group’s needs as a whole, our Central and Business Services teams take care of everything from administrating wages to auditing. Continuity and consistency are natural consequences of a regional remit. As well as contributing to Regional Business Units maintaining their own international standards, our Business Services teams are certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.