We strive for outstanding corporate and individual behaviour en route to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity in business conduct.

Through compliance we maintain trust, fairness and respect in the way we treat customers and colleagues. Across the Group we have created a structure for supporting standards of ethical behaviour. As well as expressing the expectations we have, we provide staff with practical guidance and safe ways to report.

With transparency as a matter of principle, our Employee Code of Conduct and our Business Principles detail the Group’s stand on issues such as conflicts of interest, corruption, confidentiality, factual accuracy and discrimination. We align our policies to the global norms of our principals and business partners.

Business Principles and Code of Conduct

We live by our corporate values, meeting the highest international standards and best practices. Our actions and activities have consequences for our technology partners, our staff and the society we’re part of, and we take on this responsibility and manage our behaviour accordingly. Our status as a preferred business partner and our reputation with all stakeholders pay testament to the ways in which we fulfil this responsibility.

We believe in standards for both corporate and individual behaviour. In our employee code of conduct we define our expectations of staff members. This policy document forms the basis of a culture that encourages and supports behaviour that reflects our values and philosophy.

Information Security

As part of our activities we manage sensitive information. In line with industry best practices, and our own personal standards, we invest in the technology our organisation needs to fulfil the risk management and ethical responsibilities we face.
A comprehensive coverage of areas including asset management and system access allows us to effectively address these security issues.

Internal Control

We believe that effective internal control safeguards our financial stability. Internal control is carried out throughout the Group, at all levels and in all functions. It includes a range of activities as diverse as approvals, authorisations, verifications, reconciliations, reviews of operating performance, security of assets, and segregation of duties.

Beyond the processes we create an environment that nurtures the capabilities and behaviours that ensure internal control; from the competence of our people to the management’s philosophy and operating style; the ways in which we organise and develop staff to the attention and direction our Board of Directors provide.